Last Minute Presents, Bored Kids, and Beating SpiderMan No Way Home Spoilers

This weekend my kids and I decided that we would go finish up the Christmas shopping. This meant that the kids would have an hour in the mall to buy presents for their brothers and grandma and my husband and I would have a nice quiet hour to talk and window shop. 

While walking through the mall to see if we saw anything last minute, we happened to pass by the cinema. The smell of popcorn was alluring and my husband and I realized its been YEARS since we actually went to a movie (without it being an animated show and tugging all the children along with us). The thought of just the two of us, sitting in the dark, watching a movie uninterrupted was too good. 

We decided that Monday would be date night. We would go out and do something that we haven't done in a long time. But what to watch. Well upon looking at all the new movies that were out, we decided there was nothing else to chose but SpiderMan No Way Home. 

The only thing was, we now had to stay off the internet to avoid any and all spoilers until Monday. But what was there to do until then? 

Well, I was inside of the A Christmas Story Family group (where I know there is no way to see a SpiderMan spoiler) on Facebook and I saw a post from Frank McVeigh. 

He had found a site that was offering a free printable  3D model template of the A Christmas Story house! This was perfect! 

We would print out the model and each family member would put the house together and we would see who made it the best. Exciting family fun with a little bit of competition. Afterwards we would obviously sit down together and watch the movie, reciting every line and laughing all the way! 

We even decided that we would make a game out of it and take a sip of eggnog (without alcohol) every time someone told Ralphie "you'll shoot your eye out"!

This was the best plan to miss out on any internet spoilers and spend the day with our kids. 

If you find any cool articles or anything related to A Christmas Story, why not share it with us? Send it to us via Messenger on our Facebook Page and we will give you a shout out on our next blog post sharing your great find!  

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  • Frank McVeigh

    Thanks for the mention and I’m glad you were able to use the link to the 3D house it was fun to build.

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