Introducing A Christmas Story Family: Celebrating the Iconic Film and Connecting with the Original Cast

Welcome to A Christmas Story Family, the ultimate destination for fans of the classic holiday movie, "A Christmas Story." Our mission is to keep the spirit of the beloved film alive by offering fans a one-of-a-kind experience with authentic memorabilia, merchandise, and exclusive access to the original cast. Formed by the cast members themselves, A Christmas Story Family aims to provide a safe and secure platform for fans to interact, reminisce, and celebrate the joy of the timeless movie all year round.

Our story began when Yano Anaya, who played Grover Dill in the movie, realized the film's immense impact on its fans and the potential to create long-lasting connections. Alongside fellow cast members Ian Petrella (Randy), Scott Schwartz (Flick), and Zack Ward (Scut Farkus), A Christmas Story Family were born, providing fans with a unique community where they can share their love for the movie and engage with the cast on a personal level.

At A Christmas Story Family, we offer a range of exclusive products, including autographed items, custom merchandise, and limited-edition memorabilia, all carefully curated by the cast. Moreover, we've created the A Christmas Story Inner Circle, a VIP community for superfans, providing them with unparalleled access to the cast, events, discounts, and much more.

Join us in celebrating the magic of "A Christmas Story" and become a part of our growing family. Together, let's create new memories and keep the heartwarming tale alive for generations to come.


  • Yano Anaya

    Co-Founder & Owner

    • Emmanuel Soba

      Co-Founder & Owner


    • Rich Trebus Illustration & Design


      A Christmas Story Family is proud to have formed a partnership with Rich Trebus Illustration & Design, a distinguished illustration and design studio, to handle all visual aspects of the brand. Founded by the talented Richard C Trebus Jr., who has an impressive background in animation and design, Rich Trebus Illustration & Design has created all the graphics, product designs, logos, and visuals for A Christmas Story Family. With an extensive portfolio that includes collaborations with industry giants such as Disney, SeaWorld, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox, Rich Trebus Illustration & Design brings top-notch expertise and creativity to our partnership. As a key part of the A Christmas Story Family team, Rich Trebus Designs helps us deliver high-quality visuals and products that resonate with fans worldwide. Rich Trebus Illustration & Design's collaboration with A Christmas Story Family is a testament to our shared vision of celebrating the iconic film and spreading its love and joy to fans around the globe. With Rich Trebus Illustration & Design managing the art department and overseeing the graphics and products in our gift shop, we are confident in our ability to create memorable experiences for A Christmas Story enthusiasts everywhere.

    • Profits Unleashed Media


      A Christmas Story Family has entered into a strategic partnership with Profits Unleashed Media, a leading digital marketing and business coaching firm. Profits Unleashed Media has played an instrumental role in creating the website, managing marketing efforts, and providing valuable business coaching and analytics analysis. This collaboration has not only enhanced the online presence of A Christmas Story Family but also ensured a seamless experience for fans seeking exclusive access to the original cast, memorabilia, and events. By combining our passion for A Christmas Story with Profits Unleashed Media's expertise, we are able to create unforgettable experiences for fans worldwide.



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