Don't let the body image Grinch ruin your holiday!

So now that the holiday season is upon us we all know that family meetings always include FOOD. Almost all of us will overeat for the next two months. 

All this overeating will lead to some unwanted pounds and a struggle with how we see ourselves. Seeing these extra pounds can lead to depression, poor eating habits, sleepless nights or even eating disorders (such as balima). These issues can be worse for people who already have mental health issues. 

While I love this time of the year it can be stressful. I think that there are certain things we must remember to get through the holiday season with our minds intact. 

  1. You are beautiful and you are amazing no matter your size. Yes, we can gain weight right now if we do not focus on what we are eating and keep a sensible diet. However these are pounds and it might take a little time but we can work them off. You are still you no matter what! 
  2. Try to avoid unnecessary temptations if possible. If you know for a fact that left alone with that pumpkin pie, you will eat the whole thing, take 1 piece and walk away. Don’t go near it again. Once you feel the hunger set in, ask yourself would you like an apple. If you wouldn’t want to eat an apple (or some other healthy snack) chances are you are not hungry but bored. Get up, get moving, play a game to entertain your mind, start a conversation with family, clean, do something to kill boredom and stay out of the kitchen.
  3. Stay active! Don’t forget to keep moving. You might not be able to go to the gym (thanks to COVID) but you can get exercise around the house! Things like sweeping, dusting,  dancing (check out this 1 hour Christmas Music tack from A Christmas Story Family),and even having sex can be your exercise during the daytime. There is no need to kill yourself over your routine either! Make it fun so you are more likely to do it! 
  4. Don’t listen to family members or friends. I know you just read that and when “What are you talking about???” We all know we have that 1 family member or friend that the minute we see them, they point out a flaw or something we have not accomplished yet. Ignore them. Often these people are just pointing out their insecurities on us. There is something in their life they are upset about and they are trying to make you as unhappy as they are. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your happiness. 
  5. Enjoy your time with friends and family! Don’t obsess over what can happen and live in the moment. Enjoy every second and make memories. You don’t have to throw away all the work you have done all year on yourself. You can still eat sensibly and have a treat now and again. Want that extra piece of grandma’s famous chocolate pie? Eat it, enjoy a conversation with her, and then walk an extra 30 minutes or go dance with your friends. Want to have a 2nd plate cause its been a year since you had your mom’s cooking. DO IT! Just go move a little more. Do some extra situps or extra mountain climbers. Go watch A Christmas Story and enjoy some buttered popcorn with the family! Enjoy the time you have because tomorrow is not promised to anyone. 
  6. Remember to watch what you drink! Drinks are a part of the holiday life as well. However remember your limit, always drink with people you know, and ALWAYS stay hydrated before, during and after a drinking session. 

I hope that this holiday season is wonderful for you all! I hope that you are able to spend time with loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime! Remember to take care of you as well during the holidays. Self-care is not a weekend thing, it is a 365 days a year thing.

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