The Bunny Suit Lives On: The Story Behind Ralphie's Iconic Outfit in A Christmas Story

Peter Billingsley as Ralphie in the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story.

A Christmas Story is a holiday classic that never fails to make us laugh. From the leg lamp to the Red Ryder BB gun, the movie is full of memorable moments that have become a part of our holiday traditions. But one scene that stands out in particular is when Ralphie receives the pink bunny suit from his aunt. It's a moment that's both hilarious and endearing, and one that's become an iconic part of the movie. But did you know that the bunny suit still exists to this day?

The Bunny Suit's Origin: In the movie, Ralphie's mom forces him to try on the bunny suit his aunt gave him for Christmas. It's a humiliating moment that Ralphie can't wait to escape from. But in real life, the bunny suit became a cherished memento for Peter Billingsley, the actor who played Ralphie. According to interviews, Billingsley was allowed to keep the bunny suit after filming wrapped. He even wore it as part of his Halloween costume one year!

The Bunny Suit Today: Today, the bunny suit lives on as a piece of movie history. In 2018, the original bunny suit worn by Billingsley in the movie was sold at auction for $7,000. The buyer was none other than the owner of the A Christmas Story House and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The bunny suit now resides in the museum, where fans of the movie can see it up close and personal.

Conclusion: The bunny suit may have been a source of embarrassment for Ralphie in the movie, but in real life, it's become a beloved piece of A Christmas Story history. Whether you're a fan of the movie or just appreciate a good holiday-themed outfit, the bunny suit is a true symbol of the joy and nostalgia that A Christmas Story brings each year.

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