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A Christmas Story Coloring Book

A Christmas Story Coloring Book - A Christmas Story Family

A Christmas Story Coloring Book

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The first official A Christmas Story movie coloring book. 

Welcome friends and family, it is our pleasure to bring to you “A Christmas Story" Coloring and Activity Book. After years in the making..

Let us go back to a more simple time, and share in the timeless joy of coloring. This is more than just a coloring book, but a feel good story that follows scenes from this great movie...

Parents will be happy to see the back cover points out safety tips.. So, make a bowl of popcorn, turn on our favorite movie "A Christmas Story" and create your very own magical art!

**NOTE** Hardcopies are all numbered and autographed by the author

SPECS: 24 pages, 8.5” x 11”


  1. Hardcopy - $12.99
  2. Digital Copy - $4.99
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