About Us

Do you know how hard it is for most A Christmas Story Fans to reach out directly to the original cast and get memorabilia and personalized gifts made by the cast?

I'm Yano Anaya the bully “Grover Dill” from the movie A Christmas Story. This site is created by the cast for fans to go to for memorabilia made and inspired by the cast. We also created the free group A Christmas Story Family on Facebook to help fans quickly and easily help us build a community for fans to connect with and reach out to and connect with the original cast all year round.

I realized that the fans were being neglected in a big way and forced to purchase memorabilia from places that were not supporting the fans and even the actual cast - AT ALL!

This movie has a very special place in the world and that is in the hearts and lives of every fan – like YOU.

Our Mission is to grow with you and for you. With a new opportunity for you to be able to reach us (the cast) and interact with us, we strive to hit 10 Million YouTube Subscribers by 2030 to be able to bring you the best opportunities and keep the A Christmas Story spirit alive and strong. This is a big Mission and the fact remains, “A Christmas Story” is not going anywhere, and we are only getting older. So, it is everyone's honorary duty to share your love by sharing our FB page, Fb group, YouTube Channel, and Online Gift Shop (Cast made and inspired memorabilia).

Be a part of history in the making. Feel and Share the Love for A Christmas Story Family!

We Love You!

Yano “Grover Dill” Anaya