TRAVEL TIPS: 5 Ways To Use A Christmas Story Travel Items On Your Next Vacation

There is nothing better than setting off on a new adventure. The excitement of travel, meeting new people, trying new foods, seeing different cultures and sites around the city, country, or world! 

You might travel alone, with friends, or (if you're lucky enough) family. 

However, when we set off on our biggest adventures, sometimes it's not always a month-long trip. Sometimes we go overnight, over the weekend, or simply for a week.

For these adventures, we pack light. There are always the basics:

  • Travel size bottles of shampoo/conditioner/body wash
  • Washcloth/ towel
  • Hairbrush and hair accessories 
  • Underwear and outfits we will need
  • Razor (never know when you might need to touch up)
  • Any medicine you might need/ 1st aid kit
  • Eyeglass case and contact lenses cause and solution

BUT…. if you are an A Christmas Story fan, these items are sure to make your list of must-haves! 

Ralphie & Randy duffle bag

When traveling light, you may want something easy to carry, load, and unload... and something memorable! You can use this Ralphie and Randy duffle bag to easily carry your essentials and display your love for the movie. This 100% Oxford canvas makes this duffle bag lightweight and super-durable! 1.5" shoulder strap makes this super comfortable to carry around. The many compartments make sure you have room for all the items you might need to take with you on your trip!

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ACS Family Insulated tumbler


When you're on the go, the last thing you want is a cold drink that's supposed to be hot and a hot drink that's supposed to be cold... This handmade, custom stainless steel mug will keep drinks at the right temperature for hours on the go while showcasing your favorite quotes, scenes, and an authentic handwritten autograph by your favorite actor and character from the movie. High-quality, unique hand design and printing make it an appreciated gift and travel companion for every true "A Christmas Story" Fan.

Each cup is uniquely made by hand. No two mugs are the same.

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Flick Snow Boots

Traveling somewhere cold? Is it snowing there? Possibly hiking? Well, what's more, to say than to keep it in and keep it warm! The rubber soles give you extra grip so you can walk through water, mud, and snow with ease while keeping your feet warm and dry! Comfortable and lightweight for hiking while catching the best views in the world! 

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Bento Box


When you're sightseeing, hiking, taking a long flight, camping, or doing something that may require you to pack a lunch, this Bento box has you covered. This two-tier bento box allows you to enjoy food while you are out and about discovering the world around you! Made from BPA-free materials. Microwave safe. Durable, so a drop won't ruin your lunch!

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Miss Shields Travel mirror


Ok... Now, you're not always going to have access to a mirror. Ladies, this matters for you, but gents, don't forget you need to keep a clean shave at all times 😉. Use this incredible travel mirror wherever you go. Made to be travel-friendly, cute, and shiny, it comes with a secure-snap friction closure, a sleek round shape, and a metal finish for extra stylish points. 

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Leg Lamp Pajama Pants


Need I say? Comfort is for any place, any time, anywhere! Add this custom A Christmas Story Leg Lamp style to any loungewear travel collection with these custom-printed pajama pants. Their 100% polyester jersey knit fabric, along with the relaxed fit, makes for the ultimate comfort choice while kicking back at home. Meanwhile, the back elastic with the drawstring tie creates the perfect fit, while the all-over-print adds a stylish dimension unique to your taste.

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No matter where you go, what adventure you embark on, who you meet along the way, make sure you make every moment an A+++ experience!

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