Should You Have That Snack?

So you decided you were going to eat better. Be healthier. Workout. You are all excited to start your new lifestyle. 

You put up some inspirational quotes, subscribe to a few fitness IG pages, do some research into your new lifestyle, and go grocery shopping.

First few days were great! You ate right, drank your extra water, and worked out. But here comes day 3. You start watching your favorite cooking show and they are baking! You see all the yummy desserts and now, you have to have something sweet. Christmas time is here and family starts bringing over goodies! 

You don’t want to, you know that it will mess up the work you have done so far. You sit around and try your hardest to get your mind off of the sweet. An hour or so might pass and you can not get it off your mind. You end up eating the entire bag of Oreos and dipping them in Nutella! 

Then comes the depression. The regret. All of which lead to nothing more than eating more and more sweets then going to bed. 

When you feel the cravings come in, and you just have to have it, HAVE IT! Eat something that you would like in moderation. You don’t need the entire package of Oreos to fix the craving. Have 1 portion of it. 

There are some serious physical repercussions of ignoring your cravings. Here is what can happen if you ignore your cravings and don’t allow yourself to indulge in the little things in life. 

  1. It makes you want the item more. If you ignore the cravings, you are going to think more and more about them. This is going to eventually lead to you thinking about nothing else but the item you want. This will lead to overeating and regret. 
  2. You will be more likely to over eat and leave your diet. If you get frustrated and start over eating, you will more than likely quit your diet. You could possibly be so heartbroken that you end up not going back on your diet. 
  3. You will end up losing all your progress. This one is self explanatory. Once you stop your diet, you will lose all your progress. 

Remember, when you have these cravings, just have some of whatever you are craving. Moderation is always the key! No one needs to quit all “bad foods” cold turkey. No one should drive themselves mad over a few cookies or a slice of cake!

If you want some great snack ideas this holiday season check out these fFree e-cookbooks from A Christmas Story Family that includes drink recipe from the cast! 

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