How Affirmations Can Change You And Improve Your Life

Throughout the holiday season we here at A Christmas Story Family are going to send out emails daily with affirmations and tips on positive mindset thinking. 

Affirmations are an amazing way to slowly heal and keep your mind, body, and soul healthy and fully charged. 

These emails are super important, whether you know it or not. All of us take our time for granted and rarely use any free time we have on ourselves. Self-care is the most vital thing that you can do in your life. 


We would never allow our friends or family to let themselves feel unloved or unsupported, yet we do it daily to ourselves. 


Affirmations can help us validate our feelings, affirm things about us that are true (even when we don’t want to admit them), and cement goals and dreams into reality. 

The best way to speak affirmations into reality is to go into a quiet place (think the shower, in front of your bathroom mirror, or in your room alone). 

  • Set the mood! You can place music on if you wish, light a candle, or just sit in silence. We love these candles from the ACS Family gift shop.
  • Say it OUTLOUD! Speak each affirmation out loud. Pretend you are the only person in the world. 
  • Make sure you say each one with validity! Speak each sentence knowing that it is 100% true about you! 
  • Pick affirmations that mean something to you and your life. Each affirmation may not speak to you. Every individual is dealing with different challenges in their life. While some of us are on a journey to self discovery, some may be trying to loose weight and get fit, others might be dealing with depression, while some may be dealing with trauma from childhood. While you might be different than someone else, please know that what you need to heal is unique and how you chose to heal your body, mind, and soul is just as unique. 
  • End with a hug! This might sound silly, but sometimes a hug (even from yourself) is exactly what is needed. 

Bringing in the things you love to your life, will bring in joy, positivity, and love to your whole self! Speaking of things that you love, don’t forget that we now have a “wishlist” option in our gift shop. Simply create and account and add every item that you want to your wishlist. That way this Black Friday you won’t miss out on our biggest discounts of the year! 

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