We had the joy of sitting down recently with Ruthie Burkey. While she is a huge New Kids on the Block fan, Ruthie says she has something in her life she loves even more. A Christmas Story. She is the self proclaimed queen of the A Christmas Story family and I got to sit down and see her collection of her favorite ACS memorabilia. 

Ruthie has been a valuable member of the A Christmas Story family since the beginning! We asked her about her collection, what she prefers to purchase, and how her experience with the A Christmas Story Family GiftShop has helped her collection grow! 

When we asked her how she felt about the gift shop Ruthie had this to say:

"(I) Love this site, knowing that you are purchasing authentic ACSF items ..that the cast has picked out and made for the fans..:

We also asked Ruthie about her favorite items from the shop:

"I have bought autographs & apparel"

These autographs include (click on the photo for your chance to order):

Scott Swartz, A Christmas Story Family, Autograph, A Christmas Story Movie

Ian, Randy, mommys little piggy, a christmas story movie, a christmas story family


Grover Dill, Yano Anaya, a christmas story, a christmas story family


One thing Ruthie is amazing at is sharing her love daily with the A Christmas Story Family community. Wither it is sharing her collection, sharing informative posts about the movie, or starting a trend...

ACSF challenge, a christmas story family, a christmas story movie, challenges

Yes! Ruthie decided to make holiday shopping a little more fun. Whenever she was out she would look for items with letters (mugs, candles, decorations, or even shirts) and spell out ACSF (A Christmas Story Family) and then post it in the group with the #ACSFChallenge. It grew in popularity and soon in many states across the country people could see the ACSF in the holiday isles of stores from WalMart to Costco and Michaels. Many of the ACSF members joined in, even everyone's favorite bully himself, Grover Dill! 

"Keep an eye out! ACSF is always adding new things. It's best to get them before they are gone! The personalized videos are a great addition, too!"

- Ruthie B.

We want to take a moment to thank Ruthie for sharing her collection with us, her time and love with the community. 

If you want to join in on the fun with the #ACSFChallenge, go to your local store, take a photo and send it to us at our Facebook Group with the # included. 

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