A NEW A Christmas Story Holiday? Mark Your Calendars

A Christmas Story Holiday


With everything that has been going on with A Christmas Story, the classic 80s Christmas movie well all know and love, there seems to be some miscommunication going around.

This happens a lot now days with the wonder age of technology and the ability to spread information at an instant. One typo can cause the difference between peace and world chaos. 

While this one little typo isn’t going to cause us to spiral into oblivion we thought it was important to address. 

November 18th was declared as A Chrsitmas Story Family day by the state of Ohio. 

This was not just to celebrate the amazing memories the movie gave us…

…but it was to honor the cast members who took the time to create an amazing online community. 

This community, A Christmas Story Family, is a place where fans can come together 365 days a year and talk about their memories and their love for the movie. 

Not only that, the cast joins in on the fun and conversations. 

They have online calls via Zoom where they just talk with fans and it almost feels like you are sitting down with an old high school friend having a drink and reminiscing. 

The cast really make the fans feel like they are part of a huge family…

…and they ARE!

This day is to celebrate the cast, the memories, and the fans…

…The A Christmas Story Family

We thank you for celebrating with us and hope that you mark it on your 2023 calendars for next year. 

Next year we can celebrate with the original movie and the sequel! 

Happy A Christmas Story Family day to each one of you! 

NOVEMBER 18th is officially "A Christmas Story Family" Holiday. On November 15th, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Pinellas Park, FL proclaimed Nov. 18th - A CHRISTMAS STORY FAMILY DAY!
These state proclamations were presented live on the news on November 15th.
If you missed it, you can watch the replays here:
Don't forget to CELEBRATE and get an Official A Christmas Story Family Day T-Shirt! More items to come soon.


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