A Christmas Story Declared As A Holiday in Cleveland, Ohio!

Cleveland Ohio gives A Christmas Story Family a Proclamation Declaring it a Holiday!


A few years ago, a small group of fans got to truly feel what it felt like to meet their favorite actor(s) from their favorite movie.

No, this wasn't at a convention with a $400 ticket, this was not a "where the stars live" tour through LA, this was not even a happenstance where you run into someone at 7/11.

What happened? Emmanuel Soba, Co-Founder of A Christmas Story Family found out that a person he was speaking with was none other than THE Grover Dill (AKA Yano Anaya). Not wanting to have a complete fan moment, he calmly let Yano know just how much the 80s American classic movie A Christmas Story meant to him when he was growing up. Touched by this Yano decided to build a community with Emmanuel, where every fan of A Christmas Story could feel the way that Emmanuel felt in that moment.

Yano reached out to the other cast members that he had remained close with and asked if they would like to join him in an online community where they could interact and really connect with fans from all over the world all year round!

To his surprise, everyone said yes and so A Christmas Story Family (ACSF) was born!

Starting out as a small Facebook group, it has grown to a community of over 29,500 fans, an Instagram crave, a Pinterest treasure chest, a TikTok trend and a tight nit special VIP community (top secrete, 🤫 what happens in VIP stays in VIP).

From a tiny one-on-one meet to a thriving community where fans get to actually speak with, interact with, and sometimes ZOOM their favorite actors from the best Christmas movie of all time, ACSF has had many amazing things happen.

Including something BIG in 2022!

Well, on November, 15th 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio the cast of A Christmas Story will be accepting two Proclamations! One from the Mayor's office of Cleveland and the other from State Representative Terrance Upchurch declaring November, 15 2022 as...

Wait for it...

A Christmas Story Family Day!

We are also finalizing details to get the street the House sits on renamed A Christmas Story Family St.

This came from two years of hard work from Yano, Emmanuel, and our public relations juggernaut Paul Bachmann. We are honored and privileged to accept these Proclamations and street renaming. We share these with every person who has loved the movie and continue to be a part of all we do at A Christmas Story Family. Thank you for being a fan.

Remember to join us in any (why not all) of our socials to keep up with the latest news and to have some fun with the cast! And don't forget to join our VIP community where you can actually be included in...

Well, come over, join VIP and find out for yourself!

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  • Becky Knipp

    I donated stove to the museum,What great News.Keep making more fun memories for families.And thank everyone making it possible.

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