A Christmas Carol In The Modern Age... It's A Christmas Movie With A Twist!



AWE MAN! This movie is going to be epic. It nods back to the original American classic - A Christmas Story. In fact, it actually features one of the cast members from this year's remake; so see if you can guess who it is... 👀

Comment down below with your answer if you think you know who it is.

The story centers around Karen—an entitled middle-aged woman whose demanding nature has alienated her neighbors and family. But after a series of incidents displaying just how privileged she really is coupled with how prejudiced she really was; well, let's just say she gets an intervention straight outta nowhere.

We can't wait for this movie release!

A Christmas Karen New Movie in 2022 trailer


  • Nicholas Pritchard

    Julianna Layne

  • Jason Odegard

    This looks so fun

  • Karen Pearman

    Leyla Lawrence

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