🌟 Breaking News: The Big Reveal of Our Second Major Announcement is Here! 🎄

It's finally here! The second major announcement we've been teasing you about is ready to be unveiled. Drum roll, please!!! We're thrilled to present 'Ralphie & The Gang Comes Home' - a grand celebration marking the 40th Anniversary of "A Christmas Story," set to take place in the very town that inspired our beloved holiday classic. And here's the best news yet – admission is completely FREE!

This event is more than a simple reunion; it's a heartfelt tribute to Hammond, to Jean Shepherd's enduring dream, and to the everlasting spirit of Christmas. For the first time in over two decades, Peter Billingsley, along with the entire beloved cast, is reuniting. Imagine the excitement, the buzz, when all your favorite characters from the movie come together under one roof, in the place where it all truly began.

Are you ready to step into a nostalgia-filled snow globe of memories and merriment? Don't wait! The excitement is palpable, and fans are flocking in like kids to the jingle of an ice cream truck. This gathering promises to be an event of the century, filled with memories, laughter, and that warm fuzzy feeling that only cherished movies and great company can provide.

Join us for this historic event in Hammond, where every street corner, every local shop, every home has a story connected to "A Christmas Story." Feel the magic of the holidays as we relive iconic moments, create new memories, and pay homage to the town that truly embodies the spirit of this Christmas classic.

Grab your FREE ticket now for 'Ralphie & The Gang Comes Home' and be part of an event that's not just a celebration but a legendary gathering of hearts united by the love of a timeless story. Experience the joy, nostalgia, and charm of a story that, while globally beloved, remains forever rooted in the small-town warmth of Hammond, Indiana.


  • Mitchell Spivey

    I appreciate the tickets (2).

  • Tina Lowrie

    This is super awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Meredith Hobby

    Can’t wait

  • Andrew

    Awesome, I’ve been enjoying A Christmas Story since the early 80s, it definitely is a family tradition, it was like the first home alone but. Not alone😆. Merry Merry🌲

  • Meredith HOBBY

    I cant wait to goooooooooooo!

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